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AI Resume

Using our recruiter grade recruitment software, your candidate’s resumes are automatically matched against your job description and ranked in order. This makes it easy to decide who to bring forward to the video interview stage. You decide what to prioritise (skills, experience, industry, job titles etc.) creating a more consistent, fair and efficient recruitment process for all of your applicants. I’m your new is easily linked to your jobs on SEEK, LinkedIn, CareerOne and other job boards so candidate applications can flow seamlessly into your dashboard for review.


With a single click, invite your preferred applicants to respond to a video interview. Professionally produced, pre-recorded video interviews mean you can start inviting candidates straight away and they can respond when it’s convenient for them. Video interview responses help you get a feel for your applicant’s presentation and communication styles before you ask them to a live interview. Once they’ve completed, you’ll be able to view their responses inside your recruitment software and discuss them with your team.  A Big 5 personality report can even be generated, providing insights into workplace behaviours without the need for a written assessment.

Recruitment On Demand


Recruitment campaigns don’t always go to plan and sometimes, professional recruiter or HR expertise may be required. We believe that it’s always worth attempting your own recruitment process first. If that doesn’t work, we can recommend recruiter or HR support to help solve the problem. HR and talent acquisition specialists can work on specific recruitment tasks, provide market intelligence or highlight issues that might be impacting your campaign. Professional recruiters can manage the hiring process end-to-end including ad writing and placement, communication with candidates, shortlisting and more.


I'm your new is a great tool for employers that wish to further understand their candidates' personalities and styles early in the recruitment process. It helped us gather more valuable information, well beyond what CV's can provide. It is absolutely a time-saver; and helps identify which candidates fit the businesses culture before taking them onto a face-to-face interview.

Joyce Shen, Forexco