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If trawling through dozens of job applicants isn’t your idea of a great way to spend the weekend, you’re in good company. I’m your new takes a lot of the guesswork out of recruitment and can prevent genuine, suitably qualified candidates falling through the cracks. We know how hard hiring can be; we’ve hired hundreds of people ourselves in numerous roles, junior and senior. We also know the best person to make decisions is you; the person closest to the industry, the business, the team culture and the job itself. So, we’re here to support you with easy to use, industry-leading resume ranking , video interviewing and personality insight tools.


Hiring Managers
& Business Owners

We empower you to hire fast and hire well. I’m your new uses proven recruitment tech and AI tools to automate time-consuming parts of the recruitment process so you can focus on getting quality candidates into roles, building your business and creating more jobs as you grow.

Human Resource
Professionals & Teams

We can help you expedite the recruitment process by establishing an internal team and automating many of the initial screening tasks. We complement the work you already do and motivate stakeholder participation by minimising the time they feel they’re wasting on inappropriate candidates.


Looking for a job is an emotional roller coaster, so we’re driven to get you hired. The best way we can help is to empower those doing the hiring. We know that not getting feedback can be frustrating, so we provide tools that encourage employers to let you know where you stand.

HR & Recruitment

If you’re actively recruiting on behalf of your clients or providing HR advice on a consultancy basis, talk to us about volume and white-label solutions. 

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