Promote your strengths and put your best foot forward...

If you’re applying for jobs, we’re here to help. I’m your new is designed to help employers find the most genuine and suitable candidates. 

As you can imagine, the current environment means they can receive far more applicants than ever before, so using smart recruitment technology is a great way to help them get the right candidate into the right job in the shortest amount of time.

We want you to be successful so below we explain how shortlisting technology works and provide some tips on what you can do to help your application bubble to the top.


Customise your resume
Before the employer sees your resume, it will be matched to the job description and ranked, with all other resumes, using Artificial Intelligence. Make sure that your resume is up to date and reflects the job description the employer has provided. Avoid the temptation to submit a generic or outdated resume as this will most certainly result in a low rank. While the term ‘AI’ can make the process feel a little impersonal, don’t worry; employers that use I’m your new are encouraged to look beyond the results the AI provides. If you need more help, you can download a free resume template with more tips to get you started.

Don’t go overboard with keywords

Stuffing your resume with words means it won’t read well for human readers, and in practice, it doesn’t work anyway. The matching engine is doing much more than looking for keywords. It’s checking how suitable you are for the job and how relevant the job is for you.

Text rather than images
Resume matching engines love text but can’t read images. Provide your resume in a standard format that lays out your experiences and skills. The preferred type is a Microsoft Word document. If there are issues receiving your resume, we’ll do our best to let you know inside your candidate dashboard and provide you with the opportunity to withdraw and re-submit your application.

Seek Advice
If you feel like your resume is not working, consider getting some advice from a professional. Trained resume writers often come from HR backgrounds and can help you position yourself in the best light. While they do cost money, getting a job is worth investing in.

Provide Updates
Just as you would like to hear from the employer on the status of your application, make sure you withdraw your application if you change your mind or have found employment elsewhere.


The video interview is designed to help employers get to know you a little better early on in the process. When you receive an invite, you’ll be directed to a landing page and guided through a series of pre-recorded video questions. Here are a few pointers to help you conduct a successful interview.

    • To help you prepare, you can download the interview questions and begin crafting your responses. You’ll have three days to submit from the time you receive your invite. 


    • Be sure your internet connection is stable and that you stay connected while videos are uploading. The interview should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes. A Chrome browser is highly recommended.


    • Record your answers. You’ll have unlimited attempts to watch and re-record your responses until you are happy to submit.


    • Dress as you would for any interview and conduct in an appropriately lit location.


    • While you can record your interview on a mobile device, we recommend using a desktop as it’s more comfortable and natural to sit at a desk and keep your hands free.

    • A lot of people find watching themselves on video a little daunting but don’t be concerned. A few um’s and ah’s are natural and nobody is expecting a completely polished performance; just be yourself.