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AI matching technology scores each resume against any job description provided. The technology isn’t just matching words. It’s capable of understanding the career profile of each applicant in detail. The end result for you is a list of all candidates ranked in order of suitability. Learn more.
Yes. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to help your application bubble up the shortlist. Click here to read more.

In the final stages of the hiring process, you’ll be able to generate an AI derived Personality Profile at the click of a button. The profile is based on the Big 5 traits and will give you further insight into the candidates real world behaviours. 

Of course. Talk to us about your business requirements and we’ll be happy to put something together that suits. 

Yes! While each job includes 5 interviews, you can purchase more and interview as many candidates as you like. 

Our platform is designed for the sole purpose of shortlisting. Learn more on the Posting Job Links page.

Yes! You can invite current staff to get involved in the process to allow comparison between their qualities and those of new applicants. 

Whatever you need. Don’t be shy about getting in touch whenever you need our help. 


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