Where to find quality

team members for your business...

Searching for candidates requires a strategy that focuses on quality over quantity. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to spending your job ad dollars but some sources are better than others when it comes to finding genuine, quality candidates. As you can see from this infographic, organisations use a wide variety of sources so it’s important that any strategy you adopt takes this into account. 

Source: Labour Market Information Portal (


Below are some ideas and tips when the time comes to post your job. Keep in mind that this is very much a quality over quantity exercise! While I’m your new can easily filter and rank large volumes of candidates, the aim is to filter out as much noise as possible from the very beginning of this important process.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a very powerful way to source candidates. The simple way to look for referrals is to provide your job link to your staff, board members, partners, suppliers or any stakeholder involved in your industry. You can also promote your job landing page in your company newsletter.

Social Media

If you’ve got LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram accounts, these can be great places to post your job link. Again, sharing your opportunity with a network of people who know your business is a great way to build trust with candidates from the beginning. 

Job Boards

There are a large number of job boards and all offer different ways to promote jobs. Note that not all job boards will accept a job link by default and may require that you contact them to enable that feature. Click here for a few examples of how to work with job boards.

Recruiters & Consultants

Professional recruiters can be engaged to assist you with or manage the hiring process. They may have databases of candidates or, if not, they will have ways and means of finding them. Recruiters can be beneficial where you’re looking for highly specialised talent and may need to approach candidates who are not actively seeking employment. You can easily set your recruiter up as a team member inside the platform.