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Big 5 Personality Insights predict preferences and behaviours...

Significant research has been done on the impact an individuals personality can have on their suitability for a particular career. Personality tools have come a long way and an individuals personality traits can now be inferred without the need for a written assessment. Following three decades of research, it is now possible to generate a Big 5 personality traits report by assessing language, spoken or written. Our personality insights module gives you the option to request a Big 5 (OCEAN) personality profile for any candidate that has completed a video interview. Watch a demo here.

Candidates don’t need to complete a written assessment, questionnaire or survey. While there is nothing wrong with those types of assessment, being able to generate a candidates Big 5 traits directly from their video interview removes a point of friction from the process. 

Your candidates Big 5 results are produced automatically by the recruitment software, all you need to do is click once to request. The platform will automatically transcribe the interview and display the results along with the candidates resume and  video interview in just a few hours. 

The Big 5 Personality Test is one of the most scientifically validated and reliable psychological models to measure personality. The underlying technology used by our recruitment software has thousands of citations on Google Scholar. 

The traits being assessed are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Emotional Range. Understanding how candidates rate in these areas can provide additional data to aide your hiring decisions. Visit Positive Psychology for an in-depth look at Big 5 Personality Theory

When used alongside resume ranking and video interviewing, personality insights can provide you with some useful additional insights to guide your hiring decisions. HR and recruitment on demand services are also available should you require further assistance. 

Looking to the Future

Even with the support of devoted parents and educators, many young adults still struggle to choose what to do after school. We help people find great careers while helping businesses identify the best staff, but there’s much more to our story!

Behind the scenes, our platform is learning what types of people match what kind of jobs. In time, what it learns will inform the choices of young adults looking for a career that ignites and excites them.

Addressing this challenge is at the heart of everything we do. Solving it will lead to big rewards for individuals, educators, businesses, governments and society in general through increased productivity, career satisfaction and improved mental health.

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