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Single Job

$ 189
  • +GST
  • When you need help filling a single role.

3 Job Pack

$ 529
  • +GST
  • For companies who have a few positions to fill.

5 Job Pack

$ 849
  • +GST
  • If you're recruiting on a regular basis.

10 Job Pack

$ 1,499
  • +GST
  • Your business is entering a period of growth.


Position descriptions

Customisable position descriptions to match your applicants against. You can also use your own. 

Automated resume scoring

Automated resume matching compares each applicant to the job and ranks them in order of suitability.

Video interviews

Invite five applicants per role to attend a video interview with the ability to purchase as many additional interviews as you wish.

Personality insights

View OCEAN/Big 5 personality insights for each video respondent; this provides additional info on the applicants’ potential workplace behaviours without asking them to do a written test.

Replacement guarantee

If a role receives less than 10 applications and you decide to screen manually, we will archive the role and provide you with a credit to use next time you’re hiring.

*Conditions apply. The role must be archived before video interview invites are sent. 

No lock in contracts or expiry

No lock in contracts, just a simple pay as you go pricing structure with purchases never expiring.



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