Match and rank resumes like an expert recruiter ...

Sifting through resumes isn’t that much fun. After you’ve read a few, it can be hard to remember who’s who. Luckily, our recruitment software has inbuilt resume matching AI that can automatically do that job for you. The platform uses proven, AI resume matching technology to score each resume against any job description or job ad. This technology is similar to resume engines used by large firms and professional recruiters and, rather than just matching keywords, it’s capable of understanding the career profile of each applicant in detail. Watch a demo here

Candidates are more than a list of keywords in a resume. The resume matching algorithms in our recruitment software mimic the thinking of a human recruiter, looking at the holistic profile of the candidate and who they are today.
Two-way scoring means the algorithm looks at how well the candidate suits the job and how well the job suits the candidate. Our recruitment platform is trying to surface candidates who’ll not only accept the job but also stick around.
You get to choose which criteria the recruitment software should give preference to based on what you feel is important. For example, you can give priority to Industry experience over Job titles. You can change this any time throughout the recruitment process and candidates will be re-ranked in real time.

All resume data is encrypted in transit and Personal Data/PII is removed from resumes prior to indexing. This care for candidate data meets the highest level of security requirements required under the APP, GDPR and other privacy regulations around the world.

I’m your new is easily linked to your jobs on SEEK, LinkedIn, CareerOne and other job boards so candidate applications can flow seamlessly into your dashboard for review.

Resumes are parsed and indexed for matching seconds after being uploaded by the candidate. As new candidates arrive, the recruitment software re-ranks all resumes automatically without the need for human intervention. 

Human + AI

The strength of AI resume matching lies in its ability to present a ranked list of job candidates quickly and in a meaningful way. When great recruitment software is paired with your knowledge of industry, organisation and team dynamics, it’s a powerful way to increase the accuracy of your hiring decisions. It’s important to note that, even though candidates are provided tips and templates when they apply, sometimes a good candidate can submit a poorly constructed resume. These candidates will be highlighted in your dashboard. 

Once you’ve decided which candidates you’d like to take to the next stage, our video interviewing and personality insight tools can help you shortlist even further. HR and recruitment on demand services are also available should you require further assistance.