Recruitment software that does the heavy lifting for you...

Our aim is to help you hire the best people for your business with straightforward recruitment software that’s easy to use and inexpensive to implement. Our clients range in size from local family businesses to large firms with globally dispersed teams. Resume matching, video interviewing and on-demand recruitment services can significantly increase your chances of hiring the right person. Watch a demo here

A modernised recruitment process means time and cost savings

Like any SME owner, Abbie White is conscious of spending time and money wisely. As the CEO of Sales Redefined, Abbie and her team needed a way to quickly identify people who were the best fit for their fast-paced sales and marketing consultancy. 

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A new, collaborative hiring approach proves successful

Toby Brocklehurst, Group Sales Manager at the Seven Network shares how the I’m your new… platform encouraged collaboration in the hiring process. The end result was an offer to a candidate who normally may not have been invited for interview.

Seven Network

Help the most engaged candidates hit the shortlist

Julie Anne Longano, Founder and Executive Director of Peeps Consulting was looking for a way to help the most engaged candidates put their best foot forward. I’m your new… allowed Julie Anne to save time while helping her clients get a better feel for candidates early in the process. 

Seamless interaction with hiring managers and candidates

Luke Murphy, a Senior HR Executive who supports a number of fast growing clients, knows the importance of speed when it comes to talent acquisition. I’m your new… helps Luke and his clients quickly identify the best candidates. 

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How a major insurance brand identified top talent

When Shirin Akhyani, the CMO of Badger International Insurance (owner of PD Insurance among other brands) had a number of vacancies to fill, her primary concern was finding the right talent while minimising recruitment costs. 

Badger International