Video interview software

A highly personalised video interviewing experience...

Any hiring manager or recruiter knows that job interviews can be time consuming. Video interviews have become part of everyday life so our recruitment software includes tools that work straight out of the box without any setup required. With one click, your candidates are invited and all of their responses are neatly stored with their resume and other details inside the platform. Candidates can re-record their responses as many times as they like before submitting. Professionally pre-recorded video interview questions can save you a lot of time developing interview guides, synchronising calendars and collaborating with your colleagues. Watch a demo here.

Interview questions are professionally recorded in a studio. Using a real person to record questions rather than just using text offers a more personal experience for the candidate. A standard interview is provided and works out of the box, or you can record your own.

Video interviews are designed to work on any device or browser so your candidate can complete it at work, at home, in the car or when they’re out and about.

Candidates are given a set amount of time to complete their interview. To help them feel comfortable they are provided with the standard questions in advance and can re-record their responses as often as they like before sending to you. 

Live interviews can be costly for your business and time consuming for candidates. Having a first stage video interview means you can engage candidates much faster and create a more efficient recruitment process for everyone.

Generally speaking, only engaged candidates will complete a video interview. Watching your candidates responses, you’ll be able to see clearly who has made the effort to make it to your shortlist. Candidates who don’t follow through have most likely re-considered the role. 

Once candidates have completed their video interview, you’ll have the option to generate an AI powered summary of their personality traits, automatically without the need for a written assessment. This can help you get a feel for some of your candidates workplace behaviours, drivers and motivators even before you’ve hired them.  Click here for more details.

Want to Customise?

Professionally produced, pre-recorded video interviews are available on all plans and mean you can start inviting candidates to respond as soon as they’ve applied. A standardised, nine question interview is generated every time you create a new job. This interview is designed to help you *meet* your candidates and get a feel for their personal qualities. If you’d prefer to customise the video interview questions, some of our plans allow you to do this. For more information, get in touch with us. 


The candidate’s video interview responses, as well as their resume rank and personality insight data, can help you form a more detailed picture of their suitability for your organisation. HR and recruitment on demand services are also available should you require further assistance. 

Video interview software