Quality AI that thinks like a
recruiter, not like a machine...

Imagine instead of an inbox full of resumes, you get a shortlist of candidates ranked in order! I’m your new uses proven AI matching technology to score each resume against any job description or job ad provided.

The technology isn’t just matching words. It’s capable of understanding the career profile of each applicant in detail.

Examples of its capabilities include:

  • Career path analysis; is the candidate currently on a suitable career path or have they deviated from it?

  • Two-way matching; a candidate may match a role but does the role suit the candidate or will they find it boring after a few months?

  • Customisable criteria; as applications start to arrive, you can choose which criteria to give preference to. For example, you can give priority to Industry experience over Job titles.


Once you’ve decided which candidates you’d like to take to the next stage, our video interviewing and personality profiling tools will help you shortlist even further.

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