A highly personalised
video interviewing experience...

Video meetings and interviews have become part of everyday business life as has hiring people who may not be working in the same location.

Our video interviewing tools bring a personal touch to what can sometimes feel like an impersonal part of the recruitment process.

We achieve this by:

  • Using a real person to record questions rather than just using text. We provide a set of professionally produced video questions out of the box, or you can record your own;

  • Giving the candidate unlimited opportunity to put their best foot forward. Not only are candidates given the questions up front, but they can have unlimited attempts at recording their answers;

  • Providing employers and candidates with the ability to conduct interviews without the need to schedule meetings or synchronise calendars. Everyone gets to do their part at a time that is most convenient to them.


The candidate’s video interview responses, as well as their resume rank and optional personality insights can help you form a more detailed picture of their suitability for your organisation. 

About the Interview

Professionally produced, pre-recorded video interview questions mean you can start inviting candidates to interviews straight away. A standardised, twelve question interview is generated every time you create a new job. This interview is designed to help you *meet* your candidates and get a feel for their personal qualities. If you want to add your own background to these videos, record your own questions or tailor a role specific interview, contact us to create a custom* experience. 

*additional fees apply. 

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